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Senior Photography

Why do you need to take your senior portraits so seriously today?

In old times, having a session for senior portraits in Houston was not as exciting as it is now! It wasn’t a big deal as people did not think out of the box and were less creative. Your parents might even not remember how their senior portrait shoot was because their mom dragged them to a local studio where they had a simple shoot standing still and straight throughout. Boys were made to put on a sweater above their shirts and girls used to put huge collar shirts on them to look really unique, graduated like and sophisticated.

In 2018, a senior portrait photography session has become an entirely different concept. Elio Photography implements an idea that can prove to be very eye-popping for both adults and children.


So, why do you exactly require a shoot for senior portraits in Houston?Senior portraits are all about celebrating a stage of your life in which your senior year consists of the milestones that you achieved, the friends you made, the memories you built, including photography. It is not just your last year but so much more than that. It’s about the people you grew up with. Your life would now never be the same even if your friends live in your neighborhood, you won’t be able to bring that time back that you spent with them in your high school. You are now entering a phase where you will struggle to build your future and you won’t be able to look at the world, the way you perceive it now. Going for a senior portrait shoot session would help you capture the person you currently are forever and assure you that you will never forget the time you spent during your graduation.


Taking senior portrait photography seriously includes choosing a right photographer for this purpose. Do your research properly before selecting a final photographer. When you narrow down three or four photographers, at last, these few steps would help you in choosing the final one for your memorable event.


+ Talk to your chosen photographers. Try to explain to him exactly what you require and let him come with his creative ideas for your shoot.

+ Set for yourself a budget. Do not settle for those offering high prices but fewer ideas. Everytime the most expensive one isn’t the most amazing one among all.

+ Bring into consideration the style, picture quality, equipment, products, and past experience before selecting a photographer for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

+ Remember, gut feeling is the most accurate feeling you can ever get. Trust your intuition and go for the one you think would work for you.


People today, who want a senior shoot for themselves, really expect the photographers, to be open for their ideas as well, especially girls. They want to decide how their pictures would look like and also what pose suits them the best.  From Elio Photography,  a famous photographer for senior portraits in Houston makes sure that you participate equally in generating ideas for your senior photo session, after all, it is your event!