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Glamor Photography

Basics of Glamor photography in Houston to capture stunning pictures!

Straight and still portrait pictures are so old school now, as Glamor photography has made its place back in the fashion industry! If you want to excel yourself in this vast photography field, then learning glamor photography in Houstoncan prove to be extremely helpful in expanding your career within no time.

A glamor shoot is not only lights and poses but a lot more than that. In our today’s blog, we are going to teach you a few basics that will help you capture incredible glamor shots and create stunning masterpieces.


+ Help your model with basic posing;

Before you set up your lights and locations, help your model to learn the basic poses of glamor photography. You do not have to worry about this if you are shooting with experienced models but the amateur ones may not be aware of basic glamor poses. There is no need of memorizing thousands of poses, just pick your favorite seven and help your model strike within your selected poses, while you capture her best shot.

+ Get your lights perfect;

If your lighting is flawless, your captured images will get a brilliant feel and look. Poor lights make the photos go dull, washed out and moody. Similarly, if the lights are too soft, they make the pictures unemotional without any message. Glamor photography in Houstonincludes setups varying from minimal sets to the set up of many lights, backdrops, and reflectors, depending upon the location, that you are willing to use.

+ Pick interesting and unique locations;

To bring an awe-inspiring sensual appeal to your photos, your location choice should be excellent. This is the most important skill that a great glamor photographer comprises of. Your location plays a great role in deciding your theme, your capturing style and also your model. Do not mix up wrong wardrobe, lights, and setups; as they completely destroy your idea that you want to display in your images. If you are shooting outdoors, be well prepared and informed when is the best time to shoot according to the lights. Also, carry your own lights if required.

+ Do not mismatch the location, makeup, and wardrobes.

Every feature that comes under glamor photography, should interconnect with each other.  This means that your visual aspects like make-overs, outfits, and the location should be in synchronization. Since makeup is the most overruled aspect of a photo session, this might result in ruined images. Therefore, a professional makeup artist is essential for a glamorous photography session as they are experienced for such kind of shooting styles.


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