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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is a niche which is regarded as a part of portrait photography while this form of shoots involve style having intimate and erotic images of various subjects. Such shoots are normally taken in a photographic studio, private room, bedroom or dressing room.

Boudoir photography is usually bold having romantic images of the subjects which are intended for private enjoyment.

Such shoots have to be done very creatively, and they must be kept far away from pure art nude and glamour while the subject which is in focus has to be more suggestive rather than being explicit in its approach. In realism, boudoir is a combination of fine art, fashion, glamour and erotic photography style.


Boudoir Photography is mostly done with subjects who are not regular or hired models but are photographer’s direct clients. While at times the portraits which are based on such themes are not intended to be viewed by a wide range of audience but rather it will remain under the control of the subject. Boudoir shoots are very intimate by nature hence planning proper wardrobe is the key to make it look appealing and glamorous. If you are a professional photographer and you are planning for having a boudoir photography shoot then remember communication will play a major role if you want to build trust with your client. In this way, the subject will become comfortable which will eventually be evident in the final images of your session.


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We do boudoir images in a manner which appears to be un-posed and candid while the image should be stimulating and lively. Employing these styles in boudoir images will give these photographs strong presence where nudity is implied yet hardly visible to the observer. The final product is further enhanced by introducing a variation of lighting patterns, composition, and posing angles. Hence creating erotic images requires professional practitioners who know how to plan and prepare for the session. This is the field of photography which requires sensitivity, skill, and sense of psychology. It doesn’t matter whatever the pose your subject is in, what matters most is that the final image should add angles to your photo and highlight their curves.

Some photographers have also included boudoir in their wedding photography package because these sessions provide them with ways to express themselves and explore their sensuality. Another aspect which requires consideration is the hair and makeup of the subject because if both of these are done professionally, then it will definitely make a big difference in the outcome of the final image. Ask your subject or client to relax and communicate their thoughts clearly to the stylist what is the exact look they have perceived in their minds. Whether your clients demands a natural or a glamorous look a professional makeup artist can easily create that look which will transform well through the lens. The main goal of processed boudoir session is to have images which show the real look of the subject; there should be no over-editing which could even damage the subject’s self-esteem. Boudoir models should feel as beautiful and appealing as any other model which they see in magazines and publications. So if you want to Celebrate yourself, feel beautiful and have fun then contact Houston boudoir photography services who will capture your sexiness just as you have shaped it in your mind.